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Königsee Implantate GmbH

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О компании

Наша компания специалист в сфере патентированных пластинчатых систем с привинчиванием с помощью стабильного угла или переменной углавой стабильностью для всех конечностей.

К тому же к центральной группе продуктов всего портфолио Königsee Implantate GmbH пренадлежат имплантаты для хирургии позвоночника.

Наши комплекты для снабжения определённых показаний адаптированны для особых потребностей в операционном зале и гарантируют врачу и пациенту бесперебойный ход во время операции.


  • Mini fragment
  • Small fragment
  • Large fragment
  • Clavicle plates / OP-sets /variable Clavicle plates
  • Variable Clavicle plates
  • proximal Humerus plates 3.5 / 4.0
  • proximal Humerus plates 4.5 - 6.0
  • distal Humerus plates
  • Variable Olecranon plates
  • distal Radius plates 2.0 / 3.5
  • distal Radius plates 2.7
  • distal Radius plates 3.5
  • Ulna plate
  • Variable hand ring plates
  • Variable hand arthrodesis plate
  • plates, hand, mini fragment 2.0
  • RoSA®
  • Königsee Femur nail - KFN
  • distal Femur plate
  • Variable Patella plate
  • HTO - plate
  • proximal Tibia plate
  • Variable distal Tibia plate
  • Variable distal Fibula plate
  • Calcaneus plates
  • Variable hindfoot plates 3.5
  • Variable forefoot plates 2.7
  • Variable forefoot plates 2.7
  • Variable forefoot step plate
  • straight plates, small fragment
  • straight plates, large fragment
  • Fracture compression screw and Drill-Fix forefoot screw
  • Instruments for the forefoot surgery
  • LASA-DR anchor screw
  • DET-screw
  • Rep-Ret System
  • CPL-plate with notches
  • DHS Dynamic hip- and condylar screw
  • Compression wire
  • Cannulated screws
Variable Angle-stable Distal Radius Plates

Variable Angle-stable Distal Radius Plates

for Screws Ø 2.4 mm; Titanium; The Plate is extremely thin, so there is a protection of the bow tendon. More threaded holes faciliate the fixation of more bone fragments. The radius plate has an optimized plate design that fits the bone perfectly. The coating of the metal is the patented TiOB, which ensures the easy removal of the implant. Over all it's very simple and comfortable to treat a radius fracture with the Variable Angle-stable Distal Radius Plate!

Variable angle-stable distal fibula plate

Variable angle-stable distal fibula plate

The development of the new variable angle-stable plate, the advantages of the third tubular plate design were with the stability of a DC (dynamic compression) plate. The bottom part of the plate is a reinforced third tubular shape which can be nailed in a variable angle-stable manner. In the proximal plate portion, there is a DC plate design which may also be nailed either in an angle-stable or conventional manner. Special Geometry in the bottom-variable lengths of screws possible.

VAWIKO<sup>®</sup> Proximal Humerus Plate 4.0/3.5

VAWIKO® Proximal Humerus Plate 4.0/3.5

Aiming block for head area,with ideal diverging head screw guide/easy assembly-Optimum height alignment of plate using aiming block-Temporary fixation option for plate and aiming block-independently of use of screws-Improved screw removability due to anodisation of implants with TiOB-Very good inspection of reduction result possible through craniocaudal X-ray imaging-Good manipulability of fragments by way of prepositioned retention stitches-No additional hazard to ventro-medial blood supply

Новости и новинки

International Workshops for doctors 

Every Year, we offer lots of international workshops in which we show how to use our implants, but also how osteosynthesis works. The doctors receive news and trends on the market in the theoretical and practical way. Our Education Team works with renowned scientists of the University of Jena,...| » Дополнительная информация 

Longterm Experience 

Königsee Implantate is one of the leading German medical technology companies in the Trauma market. For 20 years our company has been developing, manufacturing and distributing implants and instruments for the traumatology, orthopedics and spine surgery. The motivation for our daily work fo...| » Дополнительная информация 

IMPLANTEX® for the removal of implants 

The IMPLANTEX ®  complete operation set offers users all the important instruments they’ll need to successfully remove metal. With this set, operators are well-equipped in any situation, meaning they can respond to a multitude of situations and complications when removing implants...| » Дополнительная информация 


Königsee Implantate GmbH
OT Aschau, Am Sand 4
07426 Allendorf

Телефон: +49 0 36738 4980
Факс: +49 0 36738 498-559

Melanie Krannich
Head of Export
Телефон: +49 36738 498-563

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