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Kettenbach GmbH & Co. KG

Kettenbach is a leading manufacturer of medical products. Thanks to the ongoing improvement and our superior quality standards, we have been able to develop many new applications for our range. 

Sugi® is being used for the following medical applications:

Ophthalmology, ENT, dental medicine, neuro surgery, diagnostics, wound therapy and a wide variety of micro surgery interventions. Considering all of these applications, it is safe to refer to the product as a Versatile Cellulose Sponge Material.

Material properties:

• Absorption
• Protein Binding
• Hydrophilic
• Lipophobic
• Stability
• Biocompatibility
• Lint Free
• Compressible
• Open Pore
• Sterilization
• Tensile Strength
• Cleanliness

Our core business is to adapt our sponge material to our client’s requirements, of course, within the given physical and chemical properties of the sponge material. In other words, we custom manufacture our sponge material in order to meet specifications and challenges of our clients.

Exhibitor: Kettenbach GmbH & Co.KG

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